6409 N. Central Ave -Under Construction-

6409 N. Central Ave Tampa, Fl 33604


601 E. Lambright Street -Leased-

601 E. Lambright Street 


Columbus Place Apartments

Columbus Place Apartments  2703 North 9th Street Tampa, Florida 33605 -Fully Occupied-


307 Pocahontas Ave -SOLD-

Tampa Heights Bungalow -SOLD

2812 N. Morgan Street Tampa, FL. Under Construction

Why us?

What sets us apart

Garrett Capital Group is a privately held investment company based in Tampa, Florida. Investment ventures focus primarily on real estate. However, Garrett Capital Group has owned income producing Christmas tree farms to laundromats also.

Who we are

Who we are

We believe that, as land developers and business owners, we have a responsibility to communities, homeowners and investors to be careful stewards of the assets entrusted to us. Founder Garrett K. Smith has led the company since its first venture into real estate in 2007.

What we do


22 Jun 2015

James Glenn

 “I met Garrett several years ago through a mutual friend, I explained what I was looking for in my investments and he was able to customize something that suited exactly what I was looking for. He has been able to continually put money in my pocket for over two years now.”


22 Jun 2015

Mike H. Mullis & Family

"Garrett Capital Group offers a generous return and flexible investment opportunities."